Wave Wednesday Issue #17

Welcome to Wave Wednesday! We will be broadcasting a consolidated update for you every week in case you missed them on our social channels. Here are what we will be covering this week:

  • SaaS Signups
  • Team Updates
  • Peoplewave (PWV) Token Updates
  • Upcoming Events

SaaS Signups

Here are the updates on number of email signups and companies currently using our products:

If you want to become one of our customers or want to find out more, click here: Peoplewave’s Products

Team Updates

What a great turnout! Our CEO, DamienCummings spoke at the SBR 20 hottest startups event in Singapore. Thanks for coming out and seeing us!

Peoplewave (PWV) Token Updates

1 PWV / $0.001762 USD
1 PWV / 0.00000025 BTC
1 PWV / 0.00000600 ETH

Rates derived from: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wavebase/

A new redemption program for PWV: You can now use PWV as payment for Peoplewave’s software & services! Find out more here!

Upcoming Events

Philippa (Pip) Penfold our VP, People & Strategy. She’s speaking at The 3rd Asia Pacific HR Forum in Bali on 30–31 August 2018. Find more about the event here!

We are very pleased to be invited by EY to attend the SHR Tech Event Series 2018 on 7th September at Jurong Town Hall, 9 Jurong Town Hall Road, Level 3. We’d love to see you there!

Find more about here and join us!

About Peoplewave

Peoplewave is Asia’s leading blockchain-ready HR software company. It is revolutionising people management with data-driven, transparent feedback and verified performance data. Peoplewave offers two key products — the “First 100 Days”: a new hire onboarding tool and “Performance Wave”: continuous 360-degree performance appraisals.

Peoplewave’s software suite is blockchain-ready — its blockchain platform is called “Wavebase”. Wavebase is a revolutionary platform that provides ongoing verified employee performance information that will change the face of hiring and managing workplace talent.

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