What is “ERM”?

ERM is Employee Relationship Management. This is a similar concept that sales and marketing professionals use to engage customers, which is known as Customer Relationship Management or CRM. ERM, like CRM, starts with a robust data profile but instead of a Customer data profile, it is the Employee that has a detailed data-rich profile with actionable statistics.

Peoplewave is the pioneer of ERM (Employee Relationship Management).

Most HR teams have robust software that manages employee-related compliance well. This compliance includes an Employee Profile, Payroll, Leave Management and Time & Attendance. In many cases, this can extend into annual goals/performance review and recruitment. These systems are known as HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems).

HRIS and Compliance systems keep your business running but ERM is the catalyst for growth. Peoplewave does not focus on HR compliance; we complement it. Your employees are your number one resource and the biggest cost centre in your business, so manage them well with Peoplewave’s ERM.

Peoplewave’s ERM platform addresses the following key HR issues:

Retention and turnover

Retention / turnover was the top workforce management challenge cited by 47% of HR professionals in a SHRM/Globoforce survey and 87% of HR leaders consider improved retention a critical or high priority for the next five years in a research by Kronos and Future Workplace.

Turnover is very costly and it can affect the performance off an organization. The cost to replace a highly-trained employee can cost up to 300% of their annual salary. Although that may seem like a massive cost, the true cost is likely even higher. Add on training, learning and development, loss of productivity and so on, the costs are substantial enough to keep a CEO up at night. If you’re not convinced employee retention is an important business objective, try out our Cost of Employee Turnover Calculator. It’s designed with transparency in mind, so you can see exactly how and why turnover costs stack up.

Employee engagement

G2 Crowd says that 66% of HR employees believe that employee engagement has increased over the past year, yet only 34% of non-HR employees feel more engaged over the same time period. According to a Gallup research, employees who are “engaged and thriving” are 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organisation in the next 12 months.

In addition, employee happiness is 23.3% more correlated to connections with co-workers than direct supervisors. While an employee’s relationship with their line manager matters a great deal, it’s often their coworkers that truly inspire them to go the extra mile at work. Hence it’s important to help an employee set up their network when they first join the company and / or get regular fair transparent feedback from their co-workers to improve their performance (and not just from their line manager). This is where Peoplewave can come in and help.

Data and statistics for immediate action to address any red flags

Most organisations do not know who their high performing teams or employees are at any point in time. If you have an exceptionally high performing and productive employee in your organisation, it’s crucial to recognise the massive value they’re bringing to the table. If they’re doing really well, but they’re not being recognised or rewarded for it, they’re likely going to leave at some point. Conversely, if you have an employee whose performance suddenly declined, it’s imperative to identify them immediately so that something can be done to improve their performance, instead of waiting till it’s too late. The Peoplewave ERM platform will allow you to access such critical insights for timely actions to address any red flags.

Our ERM Modules

Onboarding your new hires

Set up your new hires for success from day one. It’s so much more than the HR admin systems currently in the market. Our First 100 Day tool is a revolutionary employee centred, user friendly and comprehensive platform to wow and engage your new employees.

  • Checklists of the key things your new hires need to do and have
  • Introduce your new hires to their key stakeholders and network
  • Get first impressions and feedback from key stakeholders
  • Identify quick wins that your new hires can contribute to in their initial days

Managing performance

Reinvent the way performance management is done. No longer does traditional annual one-way feedback work. Our Performance Wave platform is a data-driven appraisal system that measures insights that really matter.

  • Ongoing feedback for constant improvements
  • Gather feedback from customers and stakeholders as well, on top of the feedback from managers
  • Compare how an employee is doing against the department and the company as a whole
  • Analyse all your data on a simple dashboard

Verify your recruitment and background checks data

Revolutionise your recruitment and background checks with verifiable data on the blockchain. Our Wavebase platform is a blockchain solution using smart contract to tackle one of the greatest problems in HR – authenticating an employee, their performance, their history and information across multiple companies, roles and managers.

  • Conduct highly targeted searches for candidates based on their past performance level, skills and more
  • Screen potential candidates, verify past employment records and conduct background checks
  • Access to real and verified data on the blockchain