According to SHRM, 89% of HR leaders surveyed agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins have a positive impact on their organizations.

Clearly, the traditional annual performance appraisal process with feedback only coming from the line manager doesn’t work. It’s too infrequent to identify any red flags and the feedback will be too biased since it’s coming only from one party.

Check out Peoplewave’s Performance Wave solution to help you gather 360 degree ongoing feedback that actually helps you manage your employees’ performance.

Gather ongoing feedback to drive ongoing employee improvements and performance

No one can remember everything they’ve done over the entire year. If your company only conducts performance reviews once a year, it’s not going to be meaningful or useful and it’ll be too late for your employees to make any changes. Our platform allows you to do more with frequent feedback – improve employee engagement, develop effective employee growth plans and help managers gain an understanding on how their teams are doing – now instead of several months later.

Get 360 feedback to access your employees’ performance accurately

Having more than one point of view leads to a more accurate gauge of performance. Other than reviews from managers, also get feedback from customers and stakeholders whom your employees work closely with. Employees and their managers can identify their reviewers to get insights from all the people who matter.

Make better decisions with actionable data

With all the data and insights on a dashboard, you can now make informed decisions. Improve employee performance, increase engagement and collaboration between employees and managers with easy-to-generate reports and actionable insights.

Make paperwork a thing of the past with our automated workflow and easy-to-set-up platform

Incomplete spreadsheets, misplaced paperwork, and chasing down staff to fill in forms become a thing of the past. Let us do the heavy lifting for you with our automated workflow. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a review on mobile. Spend less time wrangling over what to write in appraisal forms and more time on having meaningful conversations.

Real time check-ins

Know where your employees stand. Understand the context of your employee’s performance by instantly comparing them against their team or the company-wide average. Know who your star performers are and who’s falling behind so that you can identify where to focus, helping you to accelerate performance and growth of the company.

Drive a culture that rewards excellence

Foster collaboration and bonding amongst your teams. Employees are encouraged to give a special recognition for their peers’ achievements. Make peer-to-peer feedback a positive experience in your workplace.