Peoplewave appoints Alex Bijkerk as Chief Investment Officer & Head of Treasury

Focuses on managing Peoplewave’s digital token, trading, and treasury activities.

Alex Bijkerk, CIO & Head of Treasury

Singapore, 19th October 2018 — Peoplewave, Asia’s leading HR software company powered by blockchain technology, has today announced Alex Bijkerk as Chief Investment Officer & Head of Treasury. This role was created to manage Peoplewave’s digital token, trading, and treasury activities, providing a robust capital raising and working capital foundation for the company.

Alex has nearly 20 years’ experience as a professional market maker, trader and investor. After completing his Engineering degree in Sydney, Australia, Alex started as an option market maker for Optiver — a world renown derivatives trading house headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is a co-founder Duyfken Trading, another Amsterdam based global trading house. Alex’s trading career has taken him around the world, establishing trading desks in Sydney, Hong Kong and Amsterdam, applying multiple arbitrage and trading strategies throughout the worlds’ developed equity and futures’ exchanges He is also a private investor and has seeded several start-up enterprises. He also has the distinction of helping fund the University of Leiden’s founding of their Econophysics program.

On joining Peoplewave, Alex Bijkerk, CIO, said, “It’s a real privilege to be part of Peoplewave. The company has really embraced blockchain and digital trading and with the right capital, will become one of the most successful HR software companies in the world. It’s exciting to be part of this journey”.

In appointing Alex, Damien Cummings, CEO, said “When Peoplewave started, I had hoped to be able to attract the best management team in the world to help guide and grow the company. Alex really brings this vision to life. He is the best possible person to support our digital token, trading and treasury aspirations. It’s unusual to have a CIO role and treasury function in a fast-growing start-up but Alex is a visionary who has laid out a clear, ambitious plan for Peoplewave to quickly grow through capital raising. He brings a solid foundation of process, management oversight and strategy to the company”.

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