Peoplewave Partner Programmes

Peoplewave has a vision to make work fair and to put people first in people management. We’d like you to join us on this mission. We have a revenue-share partner programme where if you can help us acquire new customers, we will share the benefits with you

Referral and Reseller programme

Refer a company to us and make money

We’d like to make this as simple as possible. If you can help us acquire new business customers, we will share the revenue with you. It doesn’t really matter what kind of organisation you’re working in, or whether you’re an individual that is passionate about great people management – we can work together. After an initial meeting to see if we’re interested in working together, we put in place a partnership (reseller) agreement and you become an official partner! We often find that implementing our tools, such as First 100 Days for onboarding, generates new opportunities to consult and engage customers. Working with Peoplewave is a great new revenue stream and another way to engage your customers.

Strategic Partner programme

Work with us to expand globally

Peoplewave currently have offices in Singapore (our global headquarters), The Philippines (our tech hub), Australia and Hong Kong. Our customers tell us that it’s important to have people on the ground to help in the set-up, implementation, ongoing support and consulting as they implement Peoplewave’s products. We can’t be everywhere, so we’re looking for partners across Asia, Europe and the Americas who can represent us in the markets we don’t currently operate in.

We can enter into a strategic partnership, where you represent us exclusively in a specific country or territory. The latter option has greater requirements, including having an agreed revenue target and hiring resources to support Peoplewave’s growth in your market but of course comes with a greater reward – a larger revenue split and more intensive support.

Product Partnership programme

Forge a strategic product partnership

We all love the idea of the Avengers – Earth’s mightiest heroes coming together to save the day! The same can be true in the HR tech space. If you’re another HR tech company that has a complementary product and skill set, we’re very interested in talking with you. We’re specifically looking for partnerships in HRIS, applicant tracking systems, recruitment, background screening and assessment, employee data and HR compliance to work with. Our philosophy is complement, not compete. Peoplewave has an open API and is willing to work with any solution that adds value to our, or your customers.

If you would like to be a partner of Peoplewave, please contact us at or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Please use the following format.
123 456 7890