Meet The Team Monday: Francis Claide Magallen

Welcome to the 12th instalment of Meet The Peoplewave Team Monday, #MTPTM! Many of you are curious about what it’s like to work at Peoplewave and want to meet the team behind the scenes. Here’s your chance!

This week, we’re pleased to introduce Francis Claide Magallen our Senior Front-end Web Developer.

Let’s explore more about Francis as he shares with us his background in Front-end Web Development, his experience what it’s like to be working at Peoplewave and more.

1. Could you share with us your background in software development? Why did you choose this role?

I hit the road of web/software development 4+ years ago and it all started in Butuan City, Philippines. My very first job that time was WordPress Developer from wireframes, mockups up to backend coding. A year later due to my commitment as a web developer, I moved to a bigger city which is Davao to get opportunities not just to hone my skills but also to expand and add more ammo to my skill set.

While in Davao, I worked in different companies from start-ups to big ones, and from solo to a team. During my career in web development, I mainly focused in front-end development from designs, implementation up to client-side scripting.

2. What are your biggest challenges at work as our Senior Front-end Developer?

The biggest challenge that is constantly happening at work as a front-end developer is whether to choose the “easy way” or the “proper way”. Some say that meeting project expectations while achieving required user experience is the biggest challenge. I believe most front-end devs miss the importance of user experience and chose the easy way. Time, visibility and motivation are normally the prime factors.

Primarily I solve issues through trial and error especially when using new javascript frameworks, CSS preprocessors and tasks runners that fits the project needs. Luckily, I have my friends and colleagues that got my back when things get tough. Bottom line, no matter how complicated or challenging my work is, the important thing is to deliver quality and efficient products to clients and users.

3. While working at Peoplewave what is the project are you most proud of doing?

I started working in Peoplewave as their first Front-end Developer. After onboarding, I dived into building our first product — building our Performance Wave tool from scratch. I have implemented all the required screens base from our UX designs including the revisions made.

After Performance Wave, Peoplewave’s HR Dashboard and First 100 Days came and the app became bigger and bigger and I end up building a centralized stylesheet so that every app shares the same in respect to our product branding to avoid styling redundancy. I have created the centralized style guide base from our UX designs and hosted it on github for me and for my colleagues references. You can see our style guide here.

Performance Wave

Knowings Damien’s solid mission to make HR World better and brighter, I am very proud working on all our projects and deliver optimized, quality and efficient output.

4. What does your typical day at work look like?

I start my day at 7AM to prepare my breakfast with egg paired with lemon and ginger tea. Then taking a deep breath while watching a sunrise to relax the inner me. After that, I go to the office with my motorcycle to avoid any traffic.

In the office, first thing I do is to check any updates on email, inbox, social media and Trello board. I list down all my tasks and organized it from low to high priority. I start my tasks with my headphones on my ears and music to boost my productivity.

Throughout the day I completed my tasks, including bug fixes, cosmetics enhancements, style fixes stuff like that. Lastly, I optimized and organized my written scripts with the help of my colleagues and friends.

5. Do you have any hobbies or interest outside of work?

Speaking of hobbies outside of work, I have a lot inside my pocket. Every 7th day of the week I go to church to pray and sing songs to praise the Almighty Father. I love to sing actually while playing guitar. I think that’s a skill also that I inherited from my father and mother.

I never did sports years ago to practice teamwork that’s why I play video games, especially Dota 2 and PUBG (a battle royale game) with my colleagues and friends, and it helps me to fill this gap.

I also do cooking not just for self defense against starvation but to explore things. Cooking is for me an art that awakens my senses and the very best part would be when I taste the final output from all of the ingredients combined.

Reading is also one of my favorites. I read a lot of new trends related to Front-end development, UX and technologies. Trust me, even if you don’t like reading, it’s the best way to learn pretty much anything you want.

Finally, I love exploring new places with my friends and loved ones. Hanging out with them, drinking beer, chilling under a coconut tree by the sea is the very best part.

About Francis Claide Magallen

Francis has 4+ years of experiences working in web development. Currently, working at Peoplewave as Senior Front-end Developer, converting mock-up designs to a functional application by using latest web development tools, and improving product design elements to fit product branding.

About Peoplewave

Peoplewave is Asia’s leading blockchain-ready HR software company. It is revolutionising people management with data-driven, transparent feedback and verified performance data. Peoplewave offers 3 key products — the “First 100 Days”: a new hire onboarding tool; “Performance Wave”: continuous 360-degree performance appraisals; And the “HR Command Centre” analytics suite, which unlocks employee data and insights.

Peoplewave’s software suite is blockchain-ready — its blockchain platform is called “Wavebase”. Wavebase is a revolutionary platform that provides ongoing verified employee performance information that will change the face of hiring and managing workplace talent.

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