Reduce turnover with a great onboarding process

New employees decide to stay or leave within the first three weeks, according to a study by the Wyndhurst Group. In fact, 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment. However, if there is a structured onboarding process for employees, they’re 58% more likely to be with the organisation after three years. This is also in line with Silkroad’s findings that 53% of HR professionals say employee engagement increases when onboarding is improved.

In fact, it can sometimes take a year or longer for a new employee to reach full productivity. Engaging your employees throughout the employee experience is a job that should be ongoing.

Check out Peoplewave’s First 100 Days solution to help you create a strategic and structured onboarding process for your employees.

Personalise every new employee’s journey in your company with a strategic onboarding plan

Welcome your new hires with a remarkable experience that’s all about them. Get your new employees excited about their new journey in the company by being prepared with a customised focused plan. Empower them by allowing them to keep track and control of the entire process. When your employees feel right at home with your company culture and visions, you accelerate their productivity in the long run.

Help your new employees develop their network and connections

Relationships take time to form, so invest in your new employees’ personal connections with the relevant stakeholders right from the start. An integral part of First 100 Days is to help new hires develop their own network with the right people so that they can settle in quickly.

Use data-driven first impressions to identify strengths and areas of improvements

New employees can get first impressions and feedback from key stakeholders. Make their probation period a transparent process by taking guess works off the table. Our data-driven performance review service assists managers to identify the strengths and areas of improvements of your new employees, setting their learning priorities to the right expectations.

Set priorities and immediate goals for new hires

Identify quick wins that your new hires can contribute to in their initial days. Help them set some immediate goals and priorities so that they know what to focus on in the early nerve wrecking days. It’ll also help them get up to speed in their role quickly.

Customise an action items checklist for each new employee

Create a solid impression of your company’s culture on your new employee’s first day by helping your new hire keep track of everything they need to do in their initial days painlessly. We provide customisable cloud-based checklists to keep all of your onboarding tasks – forms, equipments handovers, workshops, vital information and more, all in one place so that your new hire has no doubts as to what needs to get done.