Chief Investment Officer Update (March 2019)

18th March 2019 —  Alex Bijkerk

Hello PPL community! Here is an update for those in the PPL community who have not had the chance to catch up on everything that has occurred over the past couple of months with Peoplewave and the PPL digital token.

PPL as quoted on over the past 60 days

That old saying that “a picture tells a thousand words” certainly applies with what has transpired over the last two months. I am beginning to understand the meaning of HODL.

Once the bulk of the PPL/PWV swap was completed back in January, the token began to resurrect itself. The rise was coupled with a steady volume which, all in all, showed promise that the worst was behind us and the token could begin to find its way to a new price level — wherever that price level may be.

Then the dumpsters came back. As we can see by around late February, once the price reached approximately 60 satoshi, the volatility of PPL increased significantly. Gyrating madly between 40–63 sat, before in the space of just a few minutes, the price decline to 30, then 20 satoshi. This was accompanied with significant volume.

What is promising, however, is that the community are viewing this as a buying opportunity. We appreciate your support in this current climate and hope you have accumulated your PPL at great prices. In the long run, we all believe at Peoplewave this to be the buy of the century as the team are working furiously behind the scenes to create a product to revolutionize the HR space. Peoplewave is out there presenting their solution to corporations all over the world — and the response is beyond positive.

As Peoplewave is adopted throughout the HR space, the true value of our blockchain solution will become apparent, and that is the moment that all of us holding PPL will be grateful that we did, in fact, Hold On for Dear Life.


There is another saying that many “know the price of everything and the value of nothing”. This rings true of PPL today, especially with respect to the dumpsters.

The price dumpers are being triggered by one thing only. Price. Once PPL reached a price of 60 sat, sell orders arrived with increasing frequency and volume. Eventually, the market was swept lower with approximately 1 million PPL driving the price down 66%.

In short, these reactions are symptomatic to those who know the price of everything.

However, the Peoplewave blockchain solution and its relationship to PPL is a longer-term value proposition. As the team works to develop and improve its applications and the products are adopted into the broader workforce, what could be the real potential value of PPL?

An HR Blockchain solution that aims to make the workforce a fairer, more transparent place for both employer and employee. A solution that aims to create enormous efficiency gains in the HR space. All at a fraction of today’s HR costs. ls PPL be trading at that point? When the team accomplish their goals, my guess PPL valuation won’t be 20 satoshi (or $0.0008).

What could all that eventually be worth?

What is truly exciting to think of what the potential value of PPL could be (not just its price but its relevance and value to the workplace) relative to its current price.

Knowing the value of things is what matters in the long run.


For those who are here for the long run, we appreciate your support and wish to show our appreciation by providing you with a reward for being value-oriented PPL token holders.

The details of the PPL HODL Deposit Program will be announced shortly. It will provide a significant bonus PPL at the completion of the program. For those wishing to participate, it will require a minimum amount of PPL to participate and a commitment of holding your PPL off-market until the completion of the program.

The program aims to reward the long term, value oriented holders while simultaneously allowing the company to improve the current market conditions of PPL.

This will be a limited one-time offer and only available to those who have met the requirements and willing to commit. Please stay tuned for the announcement, which should be in the very near future.

Thanks and all the success in the coming period.

Alex Bijkerk
Chief Investment Officer
Peoplewave Pte. Ltd.

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